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We help clients build meaningful connections with audiences through award-winning branded podcasts.

About me

Sam Ikin. Photo: Paul’s Studio and Photography.
Sam Ikin. Photo: Paul’s Studio and Photography.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been creating award-winning stories in the evening news, on the radio, and online. Now, I produce podcasts with brands that I believe in. I’ve adapted my traditional broadcasting skills for high-quality audio storytelling.

Sam Ikin


When we decided to create our own podcast, we chose to partner with Ikin Media because they are the best at what they do. Not only are they the podcast experts, they took the time to really understand what we wanted to achieve and used their experience to deliver.

Brad Nowland Partner, Font PR

Interested in making a great podcast?

The way we engage with audio content is changing, and the broadcast industry must change with it. People are taking back the power from broadcasters. They have more choice over the content with which they interact. Consumers have shifted the power balance and want to invest their time and attention in content they enjoy.

We are committed to producing brave, cutting edge, engaging content in partnership with visionary brands who want to connect with people in a meaningful way.

Sam helped us move out of our comfort zone and produce a truly unique and authentic listening experience that has been welcomed by our new community of listeners. It’s been a pleasure to work with Ikin Media to produce a smart, creative and professional podcast while also having fun. We can’t recommend him more highly.

Nic McBride A/CEO, TasCOSS

Our approach

Ikin Media will spend time with you to understand how you want to engage with your audience and work with you to produce a unique, cutting edge show. An exceptional branded podcast meets your needs while, at the same time, energising your audience. We want your podcast to have raving fans.

We harness the skills of experienced audio storytellers, investigative journalists, outstanding creative writers and experienced sound designers. Our director, Sam Ikin, says, “audio is a more visual medium than video. In a video, you’re limited to what can be put on a screen. With audio, the pictures we can create are limitless.”

Sam Ikin in the recording studio writing production notes. Photo: Paul’s Studio and Photography.
Sam Ikin in the recording studio writing production notes. Photo: Paul’s Studio and Photography.

From concept to production

  1. Listen

    We listen to you. We want to hear who you want to reach and what you want them to know about your brand.

  2. Plan

    We plan with you. We aim to create emotions through great storytelling that transfer to your brand.

  3. Create

    Create a powerful story. Set your show apart from the crowd and give your brand a voice to engage your audience.

  4. Broadcast

    Get your message heard. Grow your audience with a strategy that takes advantage of channels you already use.

Sam is a true artist and an absolute professional. His creativity and ingenuity helped us to create something truly authentic, which will help many people in our community. In just a few short weeks, this project went from a concept to a polished and timeless product.

Wendy Groot CEO, Epilepsy Tasmania